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    Upon approval of adoption, I do hereby agree to all of the following:

    1. To keep all cats indoors or in a harness and leash when outside,
    2. If renting, to provide proof cats are allowed and deposits paid,
    3. To be available for home inspection by Furry Friends representative,
    4. To NOT declaw or have a Tendonectomy performed,
    5. To provide nutritious food, fresh water, shelter and kind treatment at all times,
    6. To provide veterinary care to ensure good health and as needed for illness or injury,
    7. To notify Furry Friends of developing behavioral issues and be willing to work to resolve them,
    8. To use appropriate pet carrier for transportation.


Furry Friends is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501c3 organization that operates solely on donations. Donations are tax deductible as the law allows, and covers only a portion of the expense of diagnostic testing (FIV/FELV), vaccines, food, shelter and medical needs.

The suggested donation for a cat/kitten is $80 for one, $100 for two, if adopted at the same time. Persons at least 60 years of age who adopt a cat 3 years or older will receive a senior rate of $60 for one, or $80 for two.

No cash refund will be given for the return of a Furry Friends cat. However, under certain circumstances, a credit may be given towards the adoption of another Furry Friends cat.


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