Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Abbey Rose and Myrna

Meow about a match made in kitty cat heaven! “Abbey Rose fits like an expensive glove,” says Myrna, “settling in from day one. And although she’s not my first kitty (16-year-old Gracie recently passed from complications due to diabetes), she’s right on top with the best of them.” Losing Gracie after so many wonderful and […]

Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Olivia and Janice

Once upon a time, Olivia wasn’t the happiest puss-in-boots around. But feast your eyes on this fabulous feline now. Her adoring adoptive mom, Janice, has even bestowed oh-so-awesome Olivia with a regal nickname: the Duchess. Talk about your rags-to-riches kitty cat tale. “She’s doing wonderfully,” says Janice, “and the more I play with her each […]

Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Bossy, Megan and Alex

“His adaptation to us and our home was immediate,” says Megan. “No sooner had we brought him inside than he jumped right on the bed and kissed us. ” Nicknamed “Kisstopher” because of his tendency to lick his pet parents’ faces while giving himself a bath, big boy Bossy is as sweet as sugar without […]

Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Henry and Gretchen

  To call Gretchen a cat lover would be an understatement. For a woman who has owned in excess of fifty cats throughout her life, she’s most finely and fabulously “fixated on felines.” And Henry (originally named Pandu) is the most recent of her furry, four-legged loves. What’s particularly unique about this pussycat happily-ever-after tale […]

A Loving Letter from Jasper

Meow to my furry friends, It was a dark and stormy night. I was wet and cold, hungry and lost. I had to get out of the rain, but I couldn’t find my way home. In desperation, I crawled under a car and jumped up on the wheel. A very kind man heard me crying […]

A Happy Tail to Tell

by Chuck Edmunds When I found myself homeless and without resources in April 2015, my car became “home” to my four cats and me. In desperation, I contacted numerous cat rescue groups, but Jennifer Hart of Furry Friends was the only one who answered me. She promptly agreed to take two of my cats, Hiway […]

Griffin: A happy-ever-after story

By Tess Ewart Griffin is a 2 year old blue Persian rescue cat from Vancouver. He was rescued by Furry Friends Cat rescue and he is out to change everyone’s preconception about cats. His personal motto is “anything dogs can do, I can do better!” In March of 2015 I  unexpectedly lost my kitty of […]

Peggy Sue Adopted Featured Image

Peggy Sue Adopted!

We are thrilled to announce that our beloved Peggy Sue has been adopted! Her new mom reports that she is settling into her new home wonderfully.

Trakker has been adopted!

Trackker has been adopted!!!

This sweet, handsome boy has been adopted and now has a furever home! His new guardian understands that even though Trakker is FIV+, he can still live a long and happy life.

Truffles got adopted!

Truffles got adopted!

Guess who was adopted! Truffles, we will miss your mischievous scampering around the halfway house, but we are so happy for you and your new forever-family!

Quill, now called Rainier

Another adoption, this time for Quill!

Another adoption, this time for Quill! His new ‪cat‬ daddy writes: “His new name is Rainier. He and my other young cat, Jules, are already playing and romping around together like crazy.”

Gidget and Gizmo

Gidget and Gizmo – PAWliday’s came true!

It looks like someone’s PAWliday wishes came true! Gidget and Gizmo have been adopted into their new ‪Furever Home‬ together. Congratulations, sweet ‪‎kitties‬ and new ‪‎cat‬ guardians!