The Columbian: Marci Koski, cat behaviorist

Furry Friends volunteer Marci Koski was recently featured in an article by the Columbian. In addition to being the Furry Friends Director of Social Media, she also has a feline behavior business. Read more about it [buttonred link=””]HERE[/buttonred]

The Columbian: Cat shelter looking for a new place to call home

Furry Friends is looking for a new home. The lease on the current Halfway House will be up in October 2016. They are looking for a new facility to purchase. Read more about it [buttonred link=””]HERE[/buttonred]

The Columbian: Furry Friends volunteers collect hundreds of pounds of food

Every year Mike and Tanika Campbell hold a pet food drive in November. Furry Friends received 420 pounds of dry food, 372 cans of wet food and 425 pounds of litter. They also received 120 pounds of bird seed, as “the kitties like watching the birds outside their window. Read more about it [buttonred link=””]HERE[/buttonred]

Spot Magazine: Day Family Cat Shelter Destroyed By Landslide

The Isles of Day Cat Sanctuary owned by Mike and Alison Day was condemned along with their home due to a landslide December 2015. Furry Friends agreed to handle the adoptions for the 7 cats in their care. Read more about it [buttonred link=””]HERE[/buttonred]

The Reflector: ‘The Cats Meow’ offers a place for adoptable cats

Jo Schmidt (Owner) and Amber Groff (Business Partner) of the Cats Meow Luxury Boarding  in Vancouver have graciously given Furry Friends the use of their adoption Room.  The Reflector ran a full page article in their February 3, 2016 edition. Read more about it [buttonred link=”″]HERE[/buttonred]

Sphinx update!

Sphinx is doing wonderfully and has adjusted quickly. We feel like we’ve won the cat lottery. He’s absolutely the perfect cat for us. He’s fearless around the kids and is exceedingly patient while they cuddle him and comb his fur.

Toivo and Tekkla cuddling

Toivo and Tekkla adoption update

Do you remember JJ and Little Girl, who were adopted a little while back? Rita, their new mom, has this update: “I just wanted to send a picture and give you an update on our wonderful kitties! They got renamed to Toivo (JJ) and Tekkla (Little Girl).”

Trakker on the blanket

Update for Trakker

Here’s an update from Kendal, his new guardian: “We couldn’t be happier together! I love seeing him get more and more comfortable. He loves to hold onto my arm while I pet his tummy and he will definitely let me know if he is not getting enough attention.”

Nemo sitting in her cat bed

Nemo the Love Bucket

We’d like to introduce you to a very special kitty named Nemo… Nemo the kitty was born with a deformed back, giving her a crooked spine that bends to the left and a tail that points towards her head.

Panda: He Caused A Failed Foster Mom

Hi, I’m Christina. I’m a “failed foster mom”. Panda (Furry Friends had named him Abacus) is a long-haired tuxedo, with beautiful, clear golden eyes and a black spot on his nose that looks like a big glob of India ink.

Bandit tangled in the ribbon

Bandit: He Stole Her Heart from Afar

I saw Bandit on my daughter-in-law Marci’s Fuzzy Undertones blog. Upon arrival at the homestead, I first went inside and closed Taz [my other cat] in my bedroom. We’re not integrated, yet, but progress is being made.

Maggie, already used to her new forever home

Update from Maggie’s New Mama!

Just wanted to let you know that everything is going great! Maggie is still unsure of Aurora, our other cat, but she is slowly coming around. She really loves the dogs and plays everyday with one of them.

Otis showing his back paw

Lila and Otis: Members of the Harris Family

Lila and Otis were adopted into our family a few days before Christmas 2012… Lila is an exceptional kitty, with a curly tale that wraps around her back like a question mark. Lila enjoys being told how magnificent she is, daily.

Sagan and Dusk on the windowsill

Sagan and Dusk: A New Outlook On Life

Thanks for checking in on us. Here is a picture of Sagan and Dusk sharing a favorite lookout spot. We are enjoying our new family members so much, thanks for your help in placing them with us.

Tiki and Toga hugging each other

Virgil and James: Now Tiki and Toga

Tiki has been renamed to Virgil, and Toga is now James. They are so rambunctious and complete brother play buddies, it’s absolutely awesome to watch them play together and with our kids.

Noah relaxing on the floor

Noah: A Heartwarming Story

Noah is doing great. [He] now sleeps on my bed at night! … Loves to sit on the window sills – likes the normal sills just as much as the large window seat I have in the family room. Will keep you posted.

Darling and Iris greeted by their Canadian sitter

Darling and Isis: An Incredible Journey

Darling and Isis, two of Furry Friends special rescues, were adopted by a lady in Canada. Darling and Isis are living happily ever after in a beautiful home on a 7-acre Alpaca farm joining Clifford, three other kitties, and 16 Alpacas!

Simba by the dresser

Simba: A Bit Shy

Simba is in a beautiful home on top of a mountain with a great big window and a fantastic view. He’s such a special boy and he has found a very special home that is perfectly suited to him. I just love it when things turn out just the way they’re supposed to!

Eugene and Ellie on the couch

Eugene and Ellie: In Their Forever Home

Eugene and Ellie have settled in so nicely and are already such a big part of the family. Both cats have been exactly the companions we were hoping for — very outgoing and friendly lap cats. My days are no longer lonely. We love them!!