Allie and Agnus sharing the kitty bed

Allie and Agnus: Very Comfortable In Their New Home

I adopted Allie and Agnus (now Gypsy) in April, 2014, and they’re doing amazing! They love car rides, chasing toys and cuddling, boy do they love cuddling. And kissing. Thank you for such an amazing gift, we were truly meant to find each other.

Hope aka Tinker Bell Napping, June 2013

Hope (Tinker Belle): Relaxing

Hope is adjusting very well to her forever home…She has no trouble relaxing!! She plays with many toys and she loves to run up and down our stairs. She still loves to cuddle and fall asleep in my arms. :>)

Apollo & Starbuck: Christmas Update!

I just wanted to give you an update on my boys…they continue to be the most wonderful cats in the whole entire world!!! Both he and Starbuck are the very best friends and SO affectionate to EVERYONE.