Eugene and Ellie: In Their Forever Home

E&E PixEugene and Ellie have settled in so nicely and are already such a big part of the family. When our family dog Rico passed away at the ripe old age of 14 we were not emotionally ready to have another dog in our lives yet, but I really missed having his companionship during the day when everyone was away at school/jobs. I told my husband I thought I might “need a kitten” to keep me company. My good friend Brenda, who lives in Connecticut, is quite a cat lover (she has 3 of her own), so when I told her I was thinking about adopting a kitten, but didn’t know where to start, she jumped on the internet and found Furry Friends and several cats she thought I would like. As we looked through the cats, I found Ellie and Eugene, along with some other cats, that sounded like they might really be great companions, and suddenly getting a kitten wasn’t so important. My husband and I met with Linda and got to meet all the wonderful cats waiting for adoption, but we both really clicked with Ellie and Eugene — it was love at first site. We took them home and after a day of hanging out in a safe spot in the house, they started to come out and explore the house. Eugene is a little more brave than Ellie, whose strategy seems to be, “it looks dangerous — you go first Eugene,” but once she sees that Eugene isn’t worried, she loosens right up. Both cats have been exactly the companions we were hoping for — very outgoing and friendly lap cats. I especially love how they rotate laps, so everyone gets snuggle time in the evenings, including our college-aged son and daughter. My days are no longer lonely. We love them!! BJ