Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Cynthia and Her Cozy Cat Circle



Dear Cat Lovers,

This is the story of three cats: Bandit, April and Angel.

I was fortunate to have adopted all three of my “fur factories” from Furry Friends, despite their being located on the far side of the moon. Why, you might ask? To put it simply: connections. One special someone named Marci, who whis-purred about them to me.

Bandit, a polydactyl tuxedo with a malformed front left leg, is now 9 years of age. I originally brought him home to be a companion for my beloved 14-year-old kitty named Taz. They integrated well, becoming fast and firm feline friends, until Taz passed, leaving Bandit alone and lonely.

Then, last summer, Marci told me about two sweet and sassy sisters: April and Angel. In the blink of a puss-in-boot’s eye, they were mine! WOW! What a difference they’ve made to our household. Thanks to them, Bandit is once again active and alert. He has to be, with these two hurricanes of fur on his tail!



April is another tuxedo and Angel … well, she’s not exactly angelic. She’s a tortie, brimful of fun, mischief and loving. Now 15 months old and full-grown, they’re both wonderful and curious, adventurous and unafraid of exploring every nook and cranny of “their” (not my) house!

I’m oh-so-happy to have welcomed April and Angel into our lives. Bandit needed the companionship and stimulation (cats need intellectual and sensory input as much as humans) and so did I.

As I’m composing this cat tale, Bandit is curled up beside me on the couch, and the “girls” are recovering from an hour of rambunctious playtime. Because of them, I’m never alone. I always have company on my lap, and all three cuddle with me in bed.

Thank you, Furry Friends, for my fabulous family.

Cynthia in Bothell