Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Cobra Bubbles and the Yorks

Janelle York and MG, now renamed Cobra Bubbles

Janelle York and MG, now renamed Cobra Bubbles

When MG joined the York family, he was promptly re-christened Cobra Bubbles (after the former CIA agent turned social worker in the animated Disney film, Lilo & Stitch).

“All of our fur babies (several cats and one dog) have Disney names,” admits Janelle, “including Rocket, Princess Jasmine, Tinkerbell, Penny, Doc, Captain Jack and Stitch. And we thought we were through with adopting.

image“As a volunteer with Furry Friends, I’m supposed to help cats find loving homes — that are NOT mine. I’ve been a successful volunteer with various cat rescue organizations for five years, even fostering multiple litters of kittens WITHOUT ever adopting one. But as soon as I met Bubbles, I felt an instant connection. The fact that my husband also fell instantly in love with him sealed the deal. Bubbles was ours.”

Although the one-year-old is still learning his place in the animal “ranks”, it was a fairly smooth transition. The Yorks allowed Bubbles to have the basement to himself for a week before starting supervised introductions to his feline and canine siblings.

Barely past kitten hood, “Bubbles is extremely high energy and exceptionally entertaining. He loves chasing his tail, leaps effortlessly through the air when he jumps, and adores crinkle balls. He makes the funniest growling noises when he plays with them. He also enjoys watching the birds and the squirrels from the safety of our enclosed catio.”

13394196_10100893311009763_1738283224139075630_nConstantly on the move, blink, and you’ll miss him.

“Cuddling,” says Janelle, “is still very much on his terms. He’ll stand up on his hind legs when he wants you to pet his head, but try to pick him up against his will, and he squirms away. And, he has yet to sleep in bed with us — probably because the other pets have already claimed the best spots.”