Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Deputy, Lucy and the Perkins

Suzanna Perkins has had cats all her life, but her two latest kitties are daughter Siena’s first pets, and she’s over the moon about them.

“Although Deputy was shy when we first brought him home,” says Suzanna, “after 20 minutes of hiding under a cabinet, he started purring and melting into the hand I held out to him. For her part, laid back Lucy promptly claimed Siena as her own, and the two now have a very special friendship.

“To my complete surprise, after that first night, there was a 100% switch in Deputy’s demeanor. Now he’s the ‘boss cat’, strutting about with great bravado – which is really a front for his underlying sweetness. As for Lucy, one of her sillier antics is to put a certain blanket in her mouth and knead away. She’s also extremely accomplished at jumping and flipping.

“Together, Deputy and Lucy have formed a kind of feline fun show, providing endless hours of entertainment for us. Although they both love chasing after a toy on a string, with Siena moving it about like prey, their favorite activity is playing with each other. Given that the perky pair has the run of the place, we’ve gotten used to the sound of them tearing across a room.”

They may not be conventional lap cats, but they both love coming over to Suzanna for pets during the day and for snuggles at night. Deputy even allows her to carry him around while he perches on her shoulder.

“We have another cat named Lewis,” she adds, “who, as it happened, was having health problems when I first got the kittens, so their relationship got off to a slow start. He was feeling crotchety and simply withdrew, but now that he’s fully recovered, he no longer shies away from them. He gets along better with easygoing Lucy than with ‘boss cat’ Deputy, with whom he’s had a few tussles. I’ve been helping Lewis get his confidence back, and although the three may never be the best of feline friends, they’re at least co-existing more comfortably.”

In conclusion, Suzanna says, “Thank you so much for trusting me with these cats. I’m so grateful for the work you did socializing Deputy, and he and Lucy are so bonded that I couldn’t imagine him without her. With creative input from my daughter, Deputy is now called Feeling Eyes and has been nicknamed Effie (for the initials F. E.), while Lucy is now called Dandelion and has been nicknamed Dandy.”

Which sounds ever so fine and dandy to us!