Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Fonzie and the Larsons

Fonzie relaxes on his favorite chair in Lisa's office.

Fonzie relaxes on his favorite chair in Lisa’s office.

As a lifelong believer in rescue, Lisa has owned more than twenty rescue cats over the years, and in keeping with tradition, recently added another feline member to the Larson family.

“I went to the Halfway House to meet a different kitty,” she explains, “but we just didn’t click. As luck would have it, I learned about a new arrival who was just being evaluated and seemed very sweet. One look at the fuzz ball I later named Fonzie, and it was love at first sight! All we needed was my three-year-old daughter’s approval to make him ours.

“Fonzie adores her, and seeing how gentle he is with her makes him the ideal fit for our family. An undeniable beauty, both inside and out, he’s a combination of energetic and easygoing depending on the time of day. Being more of a nocturnal cat, he plays mostly in the evening and at night, and sleeps during the day, usually on top of the perch of the kitty tower we built him.”

Fonzie and pal Bella enjoy spending time together.

Fonzie and pal Bella enjoy spending time together.

Despite having a slightly independent streak, frisky and friendly Fonzie does love snuggling on the sofa and being carried around like a baby. He also loves any and all types of toys with a ball and catnip. Ever the playful puss, he has a nose for naughtiness and thoroughly enjoys “stalking” everyone, including the three resident rescue dogs (over whom he royally rules). The result?

“We recently put a bell on his collar,” admits Lisa, “to keep him from sneaking up on us as much. But thankfully, it doesn’t keep him from frolicking and rolling around on the floor with our pug/spaniel mix, Bella, or watching the birds and the squirrels from his perch on the cat tower. Quite frankly, Fonzie wouldn’t be Fonzie without his sass and his silliness. He’s been an absolute joy for everyone, and we all love him so much!”