Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Gertie and the Tanksleys

Zander and Gertie, love at first sight.

Zander and Gertie, love at first sight.

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, this one is priceless. A five-year-old boy named Zander and his first ever pet, Gertie, locked together in loving.

“This is our family’s first kitten,” explains mom, Robyn. “One glimpse at her photo and we were in love. She looked so sweet and so shy that my husband Dan and I knew she would be the ideal pet for Zander.”

Within hours of entering their home, Gertie had already found her favorite curl up spot on the couch. But what thrilled these parents most was her “amazing tolerance and patience with our son while he was learning to care for her, carry her, and give her the right amount of attention. She has truly become another member of the family, and Zander loves her so much. He never complains or forgets to do his ‘kitty’ chores such as feeding and cleaning the litter box.”

Gertie_DS_0503Essential to the Tanksleys was teaching their son about responsibility and patience. And they’re certainly succeeding. “Gertie has adjusted so well to life with us,” says Robyn. “Her high energy and curious nature are ideal for Zander, who loves to spend time playing with her, carrying her around, brushing her and keeping her close when he plays with his toys. She lives for their morning cuddles, is so wonderfully patient with him, and has never once scratched him.”

Besides playing with Zander, this amiably active kitten loves her scratching post, her toy mouse and her feather chaser. She also “steals” his toys, especially those that roll or spin or that she can bat around. Then, once physically sated, energetic Gertie becomes easygoing Gertie, always finding a lap to lie on, a person to pet her or someone to snuggle.

At night, Gertie curls up in her special cat bed at the end of Zander’s bed, although she does occasionally sneak into mom and dad’s room and quietly burrows under their covers.

Talk about one very happy and harmonious family!