Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Ginger and the Seiferts


There was just something special about Ginger, the Seifert’s fourth cat. Something about the way she looked in her online photo that Sharon found utterly endearing. And the rest, as they say, is furry friend “her-story.”

img_5384“She stole our hearts with her sweetness and playfulness,” Sharon admits, “and we ADORE her. She’s loving and lovable, curious, cute as can be, and the most playful puss on the planet. She loves her new home AND us, usually following my husband or me around like a little shadow – even into the restroom!”

With their mutual attraction immediate, it didn’t take long for the family to learn that their new arrival LOVED playing fetch with a hair tie. Thanks to the hard wood floors in the house, Ginger can scamper, slip and slide after them to her kitty cat heart’s content. As a highly energetic and very active cat, she also “tears through the place several times a day. That’s when we get out the toys and let her chase them and jump for them.”

A happy mix of affectionate and independent, Ginger feasts on attention and isn’t shy about letting her family know precisely what she wants, be it lap time or petting, cuddling or the odd lick of yogurt. And she knows a trick or two, including “somersaults and jumping img_4876  really, really high.

“We have another adult cat named Jasmine, and they get along wonderfully. Ginger keeps Jasmine young by insisting that they play together. And while Jasmine sometimes snorts at Ginger when she’s had enough, she gives as good as she gets.

“You can set your watch by Ginger’s schedule,” says Sharon. “She always likes to be petted around 10AM and 2PM, and is ready for bed around 9PM. She sleeps on our bed every night, cuddled into me, and if we ever forget and close the door, she’ll scratch softly at the door until we let her in.”

Meow about having it made ….