Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Ivy and the Faulls

Parker holding Ivy in his armsStephanie on the couch, eating soup, with Ivy next to her“Although my husband, Parker, had cats growing up, I only remember briefly hosting a stray for awhile when I was in elementary school,” admits Stephanie. “Ivy is the first cat we’ve adopted together. And while Ivy is still her ‘official’ name, we hardly ever call her that. It’s usually Baby Kidden, Little Miss, Potato Head, or Bean Eater!

“We actually went to Furry Friends to look at a different cat, but he ignored us the entire time we were there, while Ivy nuzzled right up to us. We’re pretty sure she knew exactly what she was doing. And it worked!

“I don’t think Ivy went through any true adjustment period at all. On the day we picked her up she was waiting for us right at the door of Furry Friends. She made no fuss getting into her carrier, was calm on the car ride home, and when we arrived at our apartment she walked right in as if she owned the place. She sniffed around for hours, of course, but she never hid or cried, and she slept with us in bed that night like she’d been doing it for years.

“She has a favorite tennis ball that she likes wrestling with, but her number one source of amusement is any empty paper bag. Most nights she enjoys sleeping on top of me, but once the weather got colder, she began burrowing under the covers next to Parker’s tummy.

“Ivy’s brought a tremendous amount of love into our home. Parker was diagnosed with cancer last year and his being at home on disability has been tough. Her Ivy lounging in a cat bed, with her front paw outIvy relaxing in a plush, soft cat bedcompanionship, love, affection, and silliness have been life changing. We’re so lucky that she chose us!”


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Diane Stevens