Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail- Korra and the Kapps


“What can I say about our sweet, sweet Korra, except that she’s the light of our lives!” Faith admits. “She has such an amazing personality.”

Originally searching for a “baby-sized kitten”, Faith and her husband found not-so-tiny Korra on our Petfinder page, and meow! A match was made. “I simply can’t explain how much we appreciate her now.

“We live on a five-acre farm that includes a bicycle/dirt bike track, twelve resident chickens and three goats, and Korra LOVES to herd both the goats and the chickens. I’m not kidding. She’s adapted incredibly to everything that does on around here and then some.”

One week after adopting Korra, the Kapps adopted their second furry friend, Khalua, and re-named him Ernie.

korra-and-ernie-formerly-khalua“These two were oil and water at first. Now, they literally sleep together arm in arm or paw in paw. It’s beyond adorable. We love our two sweet babies more than we ever thought possible. Korra, the goat/chicken herder and Ernie, the ‘don’t even think about it’ kitty have been such wonderful additions to our craziness!

“Furry Friends takes to heart the needs of every kitten and cat they take in, and it shows. I treasure them because of it, and I encourage everyone looking for their own fur-ever furry friends to adopt from them.

Thank you, Linda, for adopting out these most awesome kitties to us. We cherish them as much as we cherish you.”