Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Mollie and Pam Flagella


A long time adopter and adorer of felines, Pam was no stranger to those warm, fuzzy feelings when she “cat sat” her daughter’s kitty for nine loving months.

“When she left, I was lonely,” Pam admits. “Then, as I scrolled through the Furry Friends site one day, I came upon a cat named Rhea. She had been there for two years – obviously waiting for me. Deciding to stop by the rescue’s adoption spot at PetSmart, I rounded the corner, and there she was! I had no idea she would be at that location. She looked at me, I looked at her, and it was all over.

“I was going through a difficult transition in my personal life, and because I live alone, Rhea truly saved me. In honor of that, I changed her name to Mollie, as in the unsinkable Mollie Brown.”

Although it took the newly named Mollie awhile to get used to her new surroundings, true to her unsinkable nature, she soon passed her happily at home fur-ever test with flying colors.

img_2565“Now she sits on command, shakes a paw, and plays patty cake to get her food,” says Pam. “She sleeps at the end of my bed and wakes me in the morning to feed her. But our favorite time is cuddle time – we can’t get enough of snuggling – and she’s mellowed into the most marvelously laid back lady ever.”

As for Mollie’s favorite treat? “A little tuna, hold the mayo!”

And meow about paw-mpering? “Mollie likes to ride in her pet mobile when she visits her furry friend, Peggy Sue, who lives in the neighborhood.”