Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Potato and Felicia


For Felicia and her first furry feline friend, it was love at first sight.

“I actually came to adopt a different cat,” says Felicia, “but because that cat wasn’t yet ready for adoption, I walked around the place awhile, and Potato (then named Mila) caught my eye.”

Why the change of name? “It was perfect for a plump, lazy kitty who weighs 15 pounds, and who fairly ‘puddles’ when she lies down. That lovable ‘puddling’ was what truly stole my heart.”

And that same lovable “puddler” became the emotional support animal Felicia needed to ease the extreme loneliness she felt after arriving here for college. A perennial presence from morning to night, a devoted door greeter each time she comes home, this laid back lady is the pussy cat apple of Felicia’s adoring eye, and she couldn’t imagine life without her.

mila_5770“Can you say couch potato?” she laughs. “Because that describes her to a T. Not only does she sit next to me on the couch, but she also hogs the bed at night (which I don’t mind), while her favorite activities include loafing, lying down, lazing about, and lapping up treats. Her favorite times are dinner time (she LOVES hearing me get the food out) and night time (she thinks it’s the ideal time to meow and howl while I’m trying to sleep).”

Although she dislikes exercise of any kind, she’ll occasionally have a spurt of energy where she’ll suddenly jump up and start running around for no apparent reason. And true to form, Potato doesn’t particularly fancy toys, except for one — a stick whose string has a mouse at the end of it. She won’t chase the mouse, though; she’ll simply bat at it.

“As a fairly independent cat, Potato isn’t much of a cuddler, but she’s very affectionate and enjoys being petted – on her terms. That means I receive either head butts or gentle paw prods whenever she wants some attention. She’s also very silly. She likes to lie on her back with all four of her limbs spread out. AND she’s a huge LICKER! When she’s at the top of her cat tower looking down on me, she’ll lean forward and lick my forehead or fingers.

“Since she doesn’t quite realize how large she is, she tends to get herself stuck in corners, and I wind up having to save her from herself. But I wouldn’t change a thing about her.”