Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Tudy and the van Lawicks

According to the van Lawicks, a life without cats is a dreary and boring one. For that reason, their household hums with the purr-esence of rescue Tuxedo, Bertie Wooster, and a recent Furry Friends’ addition Tootsie, adorably renamed Tudy.

“I saw great intelligence in her eyes, which reminded me so much of the sweet gray tabby we lost several years ago due to old age,” explains Liliana van Lawick. “Their demeanor is very similar. This little girl’s as smart as a whip! She studies everything, and is always working diligently to open every drawer and cupboard to see what’s inside. Being her servant, I generally end up opening them so that she can do her inspections. Besides her intelligence, she’s an amazing and persistent bug catcher as well as an absolute sweetheart.”

When they first brought Tudy home, she was quite unsure of herself. And so she was kept in the master bathroom at night for several days, where she had a soft “kitty cave”, litter box and water. Although she soon joined the rest of the family, she still remained wary, and when anyone reached out to pet her, she would flatten herself on the floor, making them wonder if she had originally come from an abusive situation. But before too long, tentative Tudy morphed into tender Tudy, the loving lap cat they had been hoping for.

“First, she goes to my husband who likes to relax on the sofa after work. She jumps on top of his chest and purrs very loudly, while tapping his arm over and over to make him pet her until she tires of it. Then she comes my way to curl up on my lap. Talk about an equal opportunity kitty!

“Tudy has truly stirred the family pot with her antics and added a lively, youthful spirit to our senior home. She’s definitely added interest to Bertie Wooster’s daily life. The two of them run back and forth throughout the house, sounding more like a herd of buffaloes thundering over the plains. They also have a treasured toy box, and they’re always digging around inside of it in search of a favorite item to retrieve.

“Aside from following us all over and ‘helping’ us with whatever we’re doing, Tudy loves playtime, leaping and dashing about as she chases feathers on a string, or playing ‘get the ball’. When we ‘wrestle’, she often lies flat on her back, while I rest my hand against the bottoms of her feet. She responds by pressing her toes against my hand, opening her mouth wide and hissing and blowing as if she’s being murdered. Then she runs off. It makes us howl with laughter! But if I dare go back to sit in my chair, she’s soon nipping and pawing at my ankles to engage her all over again.

“At night, we sleep, one happy human/feline family in bed together. For her part, Tudy likes to lie on the special device that keeps the blankets from putting pressure on my feet. Needless to say, for some reason, I still have pressure on my feet … hmm.”