Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Winter, Scarlet and the Martins

Scarlet and Winter were the names chosen by Teresa's daughter based on her favorite book characters.

Scarlet and Winter were the names chosen by Teresa’s daughter based on her favorite book characters.

Having lived “cat-free” for four years, the Martin family was ready for a change. Eager to give their teenaged daughters a “bonding experience”, Teresa and her husband welcomed kittens, Rain and Raisen, now called Scarlet and Winter, into their lives last Christmas, and haven’t looked back. In fact, they promptly adopted Blaire, an 8-year-old cat, followed by a third kitten named Blueberry this summer.

“Once Scarlet and Winter arrived,” says Teresa, “the morale in our house shot up 500 degrees! They were the ‘therapy’ it seems we all needed. We love to travel, but since adopting them, the girls ask to stay home, saying the kittens need us.”

img_5360Now 11 months old and lovably large, they may not be lap cats or enjoy being picked up –especially when the other felines are watching — but they do LOVE having their bellies rubbed. Not only are their coats polar opposites (Scarlet, black and sleek, resembles Toothless, a character in “How to Train your Dragon”, while Winter, so soft and so fluffy, is fondly called “Spiderman”), but they also have two distinct personalities.

“We consider Winter our ADHD cat,” Teresa admits, “because she plays non-stop and loves to climb. She also enjoys stealing toys and hiding them both in the cat tunnel and in various, strange places in the bedroom. She cuddles with me early in the morning while the other cats are asleep, but once they awaken, her personality shifts into high gear.

“Scarlet, on the other hand, loves to act the diva, either walking around with her tail high or seated in my favorite chair watching Winter and Blueberry play their pussycat hearts out. She also likes to eat.

“What they do have in common, however, is playing with fleece strings and my husband’s shoe laces. Their favorite place to be is the cat tree, and although they are big now, they will occasionally snuggle together in the small basket up there. Along with Blueberry and Blaire, they love watching the three litter boxes being cleaned, then fight over who gets to make the first mess.”

img_67281With all four felines getting along famously now, look for them sleeping – separately – on the Martin’s younger daughter’s bed or outside the door when it’s closed. Although the original plan was for Winter and Scarlet to bond with their older daughter, it didn’t quite work out that way. Why? Because their younger daughter’s room was messy, giving the rambunctious kittens so many marvelous places to hide.

“The cats have brought such sunshine into our lives,” Teresa concludes, “that we wouldn’t change a thing about our lifestyle.”