A Happy Tail to Tell

Hiway has been happily re-united to his person .

Hiway has been happily re-united to his person .

by Chuck Edmunds

When I found myself homeless and without resources in April 2015, my car became “home” to my four cats and me. In desperation, I contacted numerous cat rescue groups, but Jennifer Hart of Furry Friends was the only one who answered me. She promptly agreed to take two of my cats, Hiway and Kahalua, who, along with Mommy Kitty and Q.T, had been my best friends for nearly 10 years.

The most painful decision was putting the other two up for adoption at SW Washington Humane Society. Fortunately, Q.T was adopted, while Momma Kitty was returned to me, where we spent the next year together in our four-wheeled “home.” Furry Friends took remarkable care of Hiway and Kahalua. They were loved and cared for by all of the volunteers, and although the adjustment was difficult (I was the only family they had ever known), they soon became quite popular at the halfway house because of their personality and charm. And although I knew they could be adopted, I was at peace with that. But a part of me held onto the hope that when my life took an upward turn, one or both would still be there, waiting for me.

Throughout the year, I managed to visit them (usually on Wednesday nights), to get my “fix” of cat love by seeing them and loving on them without any restrictions. My thanks to Tanya and Jamie and the entire crew of Furry Friends for all the love you gave them. Spending that time with my precious boys lifted my spirits enough to help me through each tough day on my journey from homelessness to hopefulness.

Finally, my circumstances changed, and I recently found some housing. On a bittersweet note, though, Kahalua WAS adopted, and if his new owner is reading this, I hope you know what a blessing he is to your home, and that I hope you’ll love him as much as I did. When I asked to re-adopt Hiway, Jennifer was genuinely pleased to see at least part of our family reunited. Needless to say, Momma Kitty’s nose is still slightly out of joint, having been my one and only for an entire year, but she’s coming around. As for Hiway – he’s happy, and so am I.

Thank you, Furry Friends! Thank you for helping homeless cats and for helping homeless people make it through this rough journey called life. If anyone reading my story has thought about adopting a cat from Furry Friends, my advice is GO FOR IT! You will never find a better rescue group or more caring people, both at the Furry Friends Halfway House and at PetSmart adoption center.

Thank you, Furry Friends for the love and kindness you have shown every cat, every potential adopter, and especially ME!

Chuck Edmunds

Kahalua is one of Chuck's beloved kitties that was adopted into a loving home while Chuck was going through his transition.

Kahalua is one of Chuck’s beloved kitties that was adopted into a loving home while Chuck was going through his transition.