Lila and Otis: Members of the Harris Family

Lila and Otis were adopted into our family a few days before Christmas 2012 from Furry Friends. Their cute little meows and tiny feet have filled our home with life and joy.

Lila 1Lila is an exceptional kitty, with a curly tale that wraps around her back like a question mark. We pretend that she has a fabulous fur around her neck while she is strutting the runway like a fashionista. Lila enjoys being told how magnificent she is, daily. One of her favorite lines is “You are fabulous. Work it girl!” Lila adores everyone in the family, but she has a special love for Troy, the father of the house. She loves to jump up on his back, looking like a kitty parrot on his shoulder. Lila’s nicknames are: Li, Eartha Kitty, and Miss Thang.

OtisOtis, Lila’s brother, is much different in personality. He doesn’t strut the runway, but he does have an exceptionally loving personality. Olivia, our resident eleven-year old cat maniac, has a special relationship with Otis. He trusts her like no other, allowing her to hold him on his back which gives him the opportunity to reach way out like a cat doing yoga. He has a curly furred belly, different from the rest of his fur. Otis has several nicknames: Mr. Bojangles, Bobo, Bubbie, Bobes, Baybo, and Baby.

Olivia has recently exclaimed “I don’t know if Otis is my baby or my boyfriend.”

Both of these important members of The Harris house bring love to our home. We are grateful for Furry Friends for bringing these precious family members into our lives.