Nemo the Love Bucket


Nemo’s back curves to the left, but she’s as mobile and energetic as any cat!

nemo-close-upWritten by volunteers Jennifer Hart, Miranda Larson, and Marci Koski

We’d like to introduce you to a very special kitty named Nemo, whom we’ll be writing more about in the future.  You’re all familiar with the film “Finding Nemo,” right?  Well, this petite little girl fits her name in a couple of ways.  First, she was “found” in her original family’s closet while they were packing to move, which was a surprise since they didn’t even know that their cat, the mom, was pregnant in the first place.  And like Nemo the fish, who had a deformed fin, Nemo the kitty was born with a deformed back, giving her a crooked spine that bends to the left and a tail that points towards her head.  She was left with a neighbor on what was supposed to be a temporary basis, after having been abandoned by her original family, and was forced to live outside for nine months.

Raw, red skin that Nemo had when she first arrived.

Raw, red skin that Nemo had when she first arrived

Fortunately, the neighbor contacted Furry Friends, and volunteer Jennifer was able to meet Nemo for the first time.  We were told that Nemo was a little over a year old, and that she was being kept outside because of extensive sores all over her body that resulted in bald, angry red patches where Nemo had been scratching.  Jennifer wanted to know how severe Nemo’s spinal deformity was and whether it might cause incontinence and mobility issues, and also what was causing the skin sores.  Because of these issues, and the fact that little Nemo was being kept outside, Jennifer knew that Furry Friends had to intercede.

Jennifer picked Nemo up on October 24.  She had a temperature of 103.4 F, so she was put on medication right away.  Fortunately, the medication worked quickly and her fever came down to 101.7 F by the next day, which is within the normal range.  She will soon be given a thorough examination by a vet and is currently getting treated for ear mites and her skin condition; already, her skin is its normal color with just a bit of scabbing where the sores were, and her fur is growing back!

Nemo's curved spine

Nemo’s curved spine

And don’t let her appearance fool you; this little fighter can get around just fine.  She walks and jumps around just like any other cat.  She is petite, litterbox-trained, and extremely affectionate (we call her a “love-bucket” around here).  All of us volunteers can’t believe that she was kept outside for most of her life, and she’s definitely getting caught up on the attention she previously missed out on!  She loves sitting on any warm lap that is offered, and will return your attention with purrs and happy paws.  Nemo is already a favorite in the halfway house and we’re all rooting for her quick recovery!

We will keep you posted on Nemo’s progress and improvement with future posts.  Please keep checking back to see how she is doing – we’ll be posting another update soon!