Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Persephone and Lisa Calhoun

The look in Honey’s gorgeous green eyes told Lisa all she needed to know. The stunning cat jumping down onto her shoulder had chosen HER to be her new family.

“I’d walked into the medical room to put out some fresh water for her,” explains Lisa. “By being so loving towards me, she stole my heart, and I just had to adopt her.”

With the wave of a simple name change, Honey now Persephone magically transformed Lisa and Crystal’s world, cheerfully turning their house into a home, and always being there to change their blue days into rosy ones.

“She’s just so full of love and loves EVERYONE who walks in the door,” Lisa says. “She knows what time we go to work, what time we should be home, and she’s always waiting by the door when we come in.

“The moment she put her paw on the floor, she became the ruler of all she surveyed. She wasn’t shy, nor did she hide. She even wanted to know more about her bunny ‘brother’, and the two are now the best of furry friends, playing and ‘picking on each other’ all the time.”

A happy blend of easygoing and energetic, Persephone balances her time between playing in every box she can find, jumping up on people’s shoulders, snuggling with Lisa and Crystal every day and every night, and simply sleeping – whether it’s in a carton or the open dryer, on a side table or a pillow.

“A true wet food feline, she also loves cat treats, and never, ever touches human food. But when WE eat, she loves playing around with my feet! Go figure! She LOVES balls with bells, and loves hiding Crystal’s hair bands. We finally started keeping count of them which makes it simpler to know when one is MIA.”

For a kitty who lives to love and be loved, who adores pets and cuddles, the one thing Honey does NOT love is being brushed. But then, even the purr-fect cat should be permitted one pet peeve.