Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Rocky and Wendi

rocky_4387Do you believe in destiny? Wendi Wuersch certainly does.

“I wanted Rocky when I first met him several years ago,” she explains. “While I was working at the Adoption Center on Sunday mornings, he would jump into my lap and look directly at my phone. I named him ‘selfie cat’ because of the way he loved taking pictures with me!”

image6Wendi never knew why he had been surrendered – whether it was his age or if his original owners had moved away – but what she did know was when he was eventually adopted, she was sad, extremely sad.

“Despite the fact that I live with my parents and that we already had six cats, I wished I could have adopted him myself. And then … his new owners brought him back!

“Linda explained that because his front paws had been de-clawed, he tended to use biting as a defense mechanism. Had he done that once too often with his new owners? I wondered, because he had never once bitten me.”

In the meantime, the Wuersches had lost two of their own cats — their Bengal to liver disease and their Maine Coon to heart problems. Wendi’s mother was devastated … until Wendi reminded her about Rocky and showed her his photos. The following weekend, they visited the Halfway House together and her mother met him. The two bonded instantly and he was theirs!

For a “mature” cat, Rocky now boasts more than his fair share of youthful nicknames, including Rocket Man, Rock Star, Da Fluff, and Wendi’s favorite, Fluffernugget, the name everyone who knows him knows best.

image3Sliding easily and instantly into his new family’s life, the nifty 9-year-old still behaves very much like a kitten, making life very entertaining for all of them. Basically a “large, lazy fur ball with bursts of energy, he generally gets along with the other cats until he gets feisty, going into rough play mode which they don’t like at all. He’s also a total pig. He eats EVERYTHING!

“And yet, at the end of the day, this large, lazy fur ball is one very large, LOVING fur ball who loves us as much as we love him.”