Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Sam, Tucker and the Baxters

Being lifelong feline aficionados, Lisa and Michael Baxter wasted no time filling the void in their hearts and their home after two of their cherished cats passed in six months. Lisa reached out to Jennifer Hart, who sent her a list of available kittens together with their photos, and she chose a tiny pair named Crispin and Cedric, whose mother, a stray, had been rescued by Furry Friends.

“I always seem to be drawn to the ‘underdogs’,” admits Lisa. “Daisy, our 9-year-old cocker spaniel, was the runt of the litter when we adopted her. Although no pets ever ‘replace’ the ones you lose, and all are different with their own unique personalities, these two little fur babies, whom we renamed Sam and Tucker, certainly helped, and we love them for who they are.”

img_0272The newcomers were introduced gradually to resident dog, Daisy, who readily adjusted to them, knowing instinctively that they were “babies”. The duo spent their first week in son Austin’s room before being allowed into the upstairs loft. Eventually, they made their way downstairs, where they now own the house, and confound poor Daisy, “who doesn’t quite know what to think when Sam rubs up against her. For the most part, she simply ignores them,” Lisa says, “but if they’re racing through the house, she may chase after them to join in the game.

“Tucker swiftly chose Austin as his person, and they’re hysterical together, especially when Austin is up in the loft talking to Tucker who’s down in the living room. Tucker ‘talks back’ as he tries to find a way to get to Austin without having to climb the stairs. I’m sure he wishes he could fly!

“Although Sam chose me as his person, he loves everyone (and Daisy) equally. He’s very affectionate and chirps more than meows. If I’m standing still, he reaches up for me to pick him up, and at night, he’ll come up to my head and flop down as close as he can.”

img_0013A combination of energetic and easygoing, Sam and Tucker mix playing with sleeping during the day, but “mama” Lisa feels their favorite activity is snuggling. Despite the many cat toys strewn about the house, their favorite playthings are socks and hair “scrunchies”, plastic lids, paper bags and boxes, and toilet paper, which they revel in unrolling.

“Tucker is shier than Sam,” she says, “and when we have guests, he’s nowhere to be found, whereas Sam will eventually come out to see who’s here. While Tucker loves to snuggle with Austin (lying flat out like a dog) as he’s watching TV, Sam’s snuggle time is mostly at night (when I’m trying to sleep).”

Then, when it’s truly time for lights out, this devoted and dynamic duo either sleep on the Tuckers’ bed or on the recliners in the living room.