Red is a sweet senior kitty who has had a tough time living on the streets. He is missing about half of his tail, but he carries it proudly anyway


Where Red came from:

Red playingRed and Reggie came from an asphalt parking lot where they were living under some semi trailers. We also brought in Reno who was younger and was adopted and one cat we could not catch and had to leave out there. Someone was feeding the cats since there were cat food plates scattered around.

What Red has to say: 

Red (1)Red is a sweet senior kitty who has had a tough time living on the streets. He is missing about half of his tail, but he carries it proudly anyway. He loves having his body stroked and his chin scratched, and will hop onto your lap pretty much any time you give him the chance. This little lover enjoys playing with fuzzy toys and soaking up as much love and attention as he can get.

What Red's permanent foster mom has to say: 

3d500509-fa90-462d-9cc9-56cea9bf7b1eFrom the first minute of meeting Red, he had my heart. As a volunteer for Furry Friends, and as a pet-sitter, I meet a lot of cats.  I care for and love them all, but Red was something special. He was such a wreck! He was  pretty old (15), had half a tail, his skin was all scabby, he had bald spots, his coat was rough, he was skinny yet his belly was bloated, and his eye was infected, yet he was nothing but sweet.

I was told he was one of several cats rescued from a sketchy trailer park in Portland. He must have belonged to someone at some point as he was very social and friendly with people, and with other cats.  Every time I went to see him at the halfway house he'd be all curled up with another cat. As soon as he was released from the "new comers" room into the general c48f7c62-8b28-46a3-95ab-0f910dcce615population, I took him home as a foster cat. My other cat wasn't pleased.  Red tried to snuggle with her as he did with his trailer park pals, but she wasn't having any of it. She's normally a prickly kind of cat (I named her "Cholla", after a kind of cactus), so I wasn't expecting anything else from her.  He eventually gave up, went over and curled up next to a realistic looking cast iron cat, and went to sleep. That broke my heart!

We later discovered Red had a couple of serious health issues that just having nutritious food and a loving home weren't going to fix. First he was diagnosed with autoimmune hemolytic anemia, which means his own immune system attacks and destroys his red 69335387-daaf-43ac-b2d8-9ea6b4ae6605blood cells.  This condition is controlled with prednisone which suppresses the immune system enough to keep him from being anemic. Unfortunately this also means he is prone to ear infections, eye infections, little colds, etc. Then one day he stopped eating, stopped purring and stopped playing--three things you could always count on him to do. This happened twice before the Vet diagnosed him with pancreatitis. In cats pancreatitis is frequently chronic, and eventually fatal. Despite all his health concerns, he has maintained the best attitude and tolerates all his treatments and frequent Vet visits with grace.

a3d05a4a-3183-4241-b1e4-1f8bdbc7e59cEven though he is a senior citizen, he plays with his toys all the time, and has amassed quite a collection. He loves to have me toss him balls so he can chase them down, but his favorite toy is the first one I got for him, a catnip stuffed little mouse.  He totally destroyed a feathered fishing pole toy he had gotten for Christmas in about 2 minutes.  His sweet, loving and affectionate nature has even worn some of the prickles off of Cholla, and now they routinely sleep and play together, a minor miracle! f4778857-6b73-4960-974e-34100593bc57His favorite place to sleep is wherever my lap is.  Sometimes he follows me around meowing loudly until I sit down on the floor so he can get to the lap! He considers himself in competition with my laptop too, and tells me that laps were made for kitties, not technology.  His presence in my life has been such a gift, and I am grateful for him every day. I get all choked up every time I talk about him and how awesome he is. He is definitely my little furry friend.

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