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Biscuits and Belly Rubs

Reggie laying down with one eye open Reggie sitting and relaxing Reggie sleeping

Medications I take:

  • Prednisolone twice daily – $10 month
  • Tramadol twice daily – $7 month
  • Insulin twice daily – $70 month
  • Syringes – $10 month
  • Testing supplies – $25 month
  • Flovent Inhaler twice daily – $50 month

Reggie taking his medicationHi, my name is Reggie,

In case you haven’t heard the nice people at Furry Friends rescued me from a very bad situation. I was living in an asphalt parking lot under some semi trailers with other cats. In the beginning I wasn’t feeling so well, my mouth really hurt and it had lots of sores in it, they said it was stomatitis.  It was a tough decision but we all thought I would do better without any teeth so I underwent a pretty big surgery to have all of them pulled.   I went to my foster family in Sept 2015 to recuperate and ended up staying, they like me, and I like them J

My favorite things to do are, sleep on my foster dad’s hands while he tries to uses the computer or lay on my foster mom’s keyboard to help her type and of course the most important thing is belly rubs.  I LOVE my belly rubs, I will make biscuits all the time while my belly is being rubbed. They say I’m a pretty easy goin’ guy.

Unfortunately I’ve had a few other issues crop up which require several medications daily but I take them like a champ.  Here I am using my inhaler for my asthma.  I get this twice a day and have gotten quite good at breathing thru it.  I also developed diabetes, most likely a side effect of some of my medications.  I get insulin 2 times a day and just like a human they prick my ear for blood and check my sugars.  I don’t mind as long as I get my belly scratches.

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