Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Tinker Belle, Hobo and the Kaspers

tinker-l-and-hoboAccording to Annette, she’s a stickler for tradition. How, you might ask? All ten cats in her life have either been black and white, pure black or pure white. And tradition held when she adopted her two latest kitties.

“I initially went to look at a gray kitten, but came home with Tinker instead,” she explains. “A little lover who had already bonded with people was just what I wanted. We adopted Hobo, who was probably one when he was rescued, several years later. What stole my heart were his beautiful eyes and the way he would jump into my arms from the floor.”

tinker-2015-01-30-11-03-58The introductions between Tinker Belle and Hobo were gradual, and a year later, they’re “still working things out.” Hobo, a true Tuxedo, is “all boy”, active, energetic and talkative, whereas Tinker, whose markings resemble those of a cow, is “a sweet little girl”, well mannered, easygoing and calm.

“Hobo plays more than Tinker does,” says Annette, “and that’s good because her life is much more interesting now. They both love chasing a laser light, and while Tinker enjoys using her scratching post, Hobo scratches the furniture and yearns to escape outside. He also has a basket of toys that end up all hobo-2015-10-08-20-55-29over the house. Not surprisingly, when the doorbell rings, Hobo runs to the door and Tinker runs under the bed in the guestroom.

“Both cats are lap cats, but on their own schedule, and sleep wherever it suits them at the moment. The one place they aren’t allowed to sleep is our bedroom as my husband is allergic to them. He can, however, hold them and pet them provided he washes his hands before touching his eyes.

“They are both pure joy and keep us laughing. Thanks to Furry Friends, we have two precious fur babies.”