Update for Trakker

Trakker on the blanket Trakker rolling aroundYou know that Trakker, one of our FIV+ kitties was adopted last week. Since he’s a favorite among many of us, here’s an update from Kendal, his new guardian: “We couldn’t be happier together! I love seeing him get more and more comfortable. He loves to hold onto my arm while I pet his tummy and he will definitely let me know if he is not getting enough attention. He is getting very vocal too – it’s adorable! He loves to sit on the edge of the bed and watch people walk by and bird watch in the tree outside of my window. Basically, I’m obsessed and completely in love with my new baby! Thank you all so much for taking such wonderful care of him!! I can’t thank you enough, I’m such a lucky mama to have found him.” And from the looks of it, Trakker seems to be doing just fine! Thanks so much for the update!