Furry friends receives all kinds of requests for help, some of these include properties that have been overrun by our feline friends. This can start with 2 cats and good intentioned owners. All it takes is for the cats to not be spayed/neutered and it can turn into a 30 cat hoard. Many times in these situations the cats cannot be cared for properly and start to decline in health. The owners don’t know what to do and are scared to ask for help because they don’t want to get in trouble with animal control. Furry friends has helped many of these situations and saved the lives of many cats.

Two of these cats were Daffy & Addy. We were already working on this cat hoard and were getting a couple cats out a week. Some of these were: Bella & her kittens, G, Steve, Toni & her kittens, and Cheeks. We received a call from the owner one evening saying one of the cats had walked up to them with a newborn kitten in her mouth and the owner wasn’t sure which cat even had kittens. The two possible moms and baby were then rushed to a Furry friends foster while the owner searched for more kittens. Unfortunately with the landscape of the area and conditions of the home on the property there were no more kittens found.

The two potential moms were, Daffy & Addy. They both had delivered kittens recently and both were nursing this one baby. There was no way to tell for sure who the mom actually was. At this same time Furry friends got a call from another shelter to take some newborn kittens found without a mom. We decided to see if these two mamas would help us with these new babies and they did! They took over nursing these babies and raised them as their own. It was really an amazing sight to see these poor mamas who had lost their own babies take on these orphans. All the kittens nursed off both moms and grew up healthy to adoption. Daffy & Addy were both recently adopted and are doing well in their new homes.


We would like to thank Jenn Hutchman for writing this story. She is a volunteer and foster mom for Furry Friends. She has fostered over 100 cats and kittens, many needing round the clock feeding or medical attention. She has been quite instrumental in helping to rescue cats from these types of hording situations.

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