Giving Tuesday 2022

This #GivingTuesday, November 29th, Furry Friends will be seeking to raise
at least $10,000 for medical expenses for the cats and kittens in our care.

#GivingTuesday is recognized globally as a day of giving, harnessing the collective power of individuals, communities and organizations with the intent of encouraging philanthropy and celebrating generosity worldwide.

Because Furry Friends is a no-kill cat rescue, their medical costs are extraordinarily high. In 2021 they spent more than $250,000 caring for around 500 cats. This does not include an additional 1200-1500 cats the food pantry provides food for each year.

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The following three cats – each with a different medical condition and outcome–
best illustrate the depth of our commitment to those we rescue.

Bella cat



Bella is a 1 year old little girl who came to us with chronic ear infections and growths in her ears. She was in massive amounts of pain that pain meds and antibiotics couldn't cure. It was surgery or euthanasia and Furry friends stepped up! The surgery she needed is called a TECA-BO surgery where the entire ear canal is removed. It was thought she would need both of her ears done but during surgery they were able to do one side then only remove the masses from the other side. The masses were sent off to the a lab to make sure they were not cancer and lucky for Bella they were not! While she is now deaf in one ear and she still has a long road to recovery she now has a great chance at a long pain-free life. Her surgery and care so far is around $7k.





Oliver came to us from a home with 5 adult cats and 12 other kittens. He was only 8 ounces when he came to us and was around 4-5 weeks old. Typically, a 2 week old kitten weighs 8 ounces. He also was infested with fleas and ear mites which caused severe anemia. Anemia is very serious in kittens and thousands die each year from parasites. Oliver would randomly start bleeding out of his ears and even his blood draw sites when at the vet. His platelets were non-existent and it was a race against time to figure out what was causing his symptoms to save his little life. He is currently still undergoing care with his bill around $1800 so far. We have hope he can live a long healthy life!





Oscar is a young boy with many allergies! He is allergic to almost every cat food and basically everything outside. He was set to be euthanized as un-adoptable when Furry Friends stepped up and took over his care from another local agency. He deserved a chance. He is currently on prescription food, he has no outside access (but does have a window to look out of), he also has clothes he wears to help reduce the urge to lick himself until he is bleeding. He gets frequent doses of steroids to try to reduce the inflammation. While this case is also on-going his care and medical costs are around $2500.



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