Cat Tails: Laser Pointers: Paws Up or Down?

Kitten chasing laser lighter lightPet parents find that cats of all ages — from playful kittens to sedentary seniors — will often engage in laser pointer play, stimulating them and encouraging them to be more mobile with minimal effort on their humans’ part.

But as ideal as it sounds, are laser toys good for — even safe for – your cat?

To allay your concerns, begin by choosing a toy specifically designed for cats. This means avoiding all high-powered laser pointers and any not manufactured and sold with felines in mind. Those considered safe should have a power rating of five milliwatts or less. Anything higher is potentially dangerous. Most importantly, never point the laser directly at your cat’s face or eyes, projecting its dancing red dot instead on any inanimate object within her field of vision. And because she can injure herself by lunging into a wall or cabinet or by jumping off furniture, avoid aiming the dot at any high places and stay away from stairs.


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Diane Stevens