Ember’s Story
By Jenn Hutchman

Ember in the Fireplace.

One evening, Furry Friends received a call from two of our very dedicated fosters, Veronica and Sam, about a tiny baby kitten found in a fireplace by their friends, who knew the right people to call! Veronica promptly contacted Jenn (our bottle baby foster) who picked the kitten up. The kitten was tiny, filthy, and barely hanging on to life, but we could tell she was going to be a fighter!

We pieced together a story about a local feral cat, who was moving her babies and thought that inside a fireplace would be a good place. This kitten was the only one found. She was lovingly named Ember because we knew she would light a spark in our hearts.

As she began her journey to good health, both bottle mom Jenn and Ember suffered many sleepless nights, but Ember started growing and thriving from the TLC. We thought she would be a gray kitten but realized the gray color was soot and she was pure white! She also has heterochromia which means two different colored eyes! A unique girl, indeed.

Ember in her new home.

So that Ember could learn to interact with other cats, she was placed with Kate, another foster mom who had a litter of kittens. Ember continued to be happy and healthy until she was adopted by a Furry Friend Volunteer, Danielle, where she currently lives and is so loved. It truly does take a village to save each one of these precious lives! We are happy that we could make such a difference in this little kitten’s life.

There are many other stories of kittens and cats abandoned, neglected and near death. Furry Friends does its best to help as many kitties as possible. We are a volunteer run organization and the amount of love, time and effort some of our volunteers put in is more than amazing. We hope that you will help us in our goal to help these fur babies. Your donations and support through our fundraising efforts will help us to save more cats and kittens.

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