Star Wars - May the Fur Be With You 11th Annual Fundraiser and Auction

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There will be no tickets available at the door.

"May the FUR Be With You"

11th Annual Fundraiser and Auction

Turn the pages on your calendar and save Saturday, September 14th for our "Star Paws" Dinner and Auction. Meow about a double celebration as we toast the 20th anniversary of our founding.

Star Wars alien petting a cat Star Wars Empire storm troopers, alien, sith, and jedi posing together Cat sniffing a light saber Star Wars Jedi petting a cat Star Wars storm trooper petting a cat Star Wars storm trooper petting a cat Star Wars storm trooper and Sith petting a cat Star Wars storm trooper and Sith petting a cat

Please join us from 5 PM to 9 PM at The Heathman Lodge, 7801 NE Greenwood Drive, Vancouver, WA. 98662 for a fundraiser that purr-omises to be out of this world. All proceeds from the event will go towards our ever-increasing medical costs and operating budget.

Advance tickets are $60 per person and may be purchased through PayPal or by credit card at starting in June 2019. For further information, email or call 360-993-1097.

There will be no tickets available at the door. Make sure you specify which dinner entrée you would like. We will be serving a vegetarian Cheese and Pear Stuffed Fiocchi or the Pan Roasted Chicken entrée.

Event Sponsors

Star Paws 2019 sponsors list

We are very appreciative of our sponsors for making it possible to put on such a great event. Our Premiere sponsors are: Dr Virginia Huang of Salmon Creek Plastic Surgery, Glen Aronson of Iron Gate Storage, and Julie Baldino of Front Door Realty. We would like to welcome our new Silver sponsor Janet Coleman RPh, owner of Pacific NW Specialty Pharmacy.

In addition, donations to the auction from local businesses and generous individuals include vacation and entertainment experiences, winery tours and tastings, gift certificates to local eateries, gift baskets, pet and personal items and handmade gifts. Much-appreciated sponsorships are available for as little as $500. To find out more about what our sponsorship packages offer, visit our sponsor's page.

At 5 PM, you are invited to have complimentary photos taken and place your bids on the scintillating array of silent auction items. The plated dinner that follows will offer a meat or vegetarian entrée and a dessert. Auctioneer, Doug Quinn, will gavel the live auction, and the evening will conclude with a prize for the most popular costume!

Exterior shot of the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, WA State

Discounted Rooms at The Heathman

We understand that if any of our crowd wants to stay the night at The Heathman on auction night, they would be willing to give discount prices. If you are interested, we can look into this. Contact us at

At the Auction -- The Cloud City Garrison!

Cloud City Garrison Star Wars Cosplay Group Photo Shot

The Cloud City Garrison is our local Star Wars group. Several of their members will be present in full costume to help us celebrate the night. They will also be available to pose with at the photo booth. They will be providing the set for our photo booth. Here are some links showing who they are and what they do. Every single person in this organization is a volunteer and each person must meet or exceed the rigorous, professional, costume standards for the various Star Wars movies. In addition, nobody involved with this group will ever ask to be paid for appearances. Everything they do is for charity.

Thank you to Heidi Presson, a Furry Friends volunteer and member of this group, for organizing an appearance of these characters. The people in this group are stellar (no pun intended) individuals who love nothing more than to make people smile.

Our Auctioneer

This will be the fourth year that Doug Quinn has donated his auction-calling services to Furry Friends. We greatly appreciate what he has done for the kitties. Doug has a magical personality and makes the auction come alive.

Live and Silent Auction

We will narrow the silent auction down to 100 items and baskets. They will be in a room that is next to the ballroom at The Heathman. We will have around 10 higher-end items for the Live Auction. There will be several getaways such as a three-night stay on the coast, a vacation at Sun River and a cabin getaway on a lake. We have a photo album on our Facebook page that we have been adding the auction items to. Take a peek at what we are receiving.

Do You Have A Donation For Us?

If you would like to donate a NEW item worth $30 or more to the auction, please contact Donations will be accepted until August 1st, 2019. Any donations after that date will be saved for next year's auction.

If you would like to give something but are not sure what to give, we have an Auction Wish List on Amazon. We would love gift cards to WalMart or Fred Meyer, hiking poles, bird feeders and kids' toys. Thank you for your donations and your generosity. The kitties appreciate you!

Please click on the button below to download a donor form to complete and accompany your donation. If you want to donate an item, we ask that the value be at least $30.

To arrange for pickup or if you have any questions please email us at or leave a message at 360-993-1097. If you prefer to drop off you donation, you can do so at:

  • Woodin You Pampered Paws, 13305 NE Hwy 99 #102, Vancouver, WA 98686 or at
  • Front Door Realty, 1815 D St, Vancouver, WA 98663, (360) 450-4486.
  • If you are ordering an item online or have a gift certificate,please mail it to Furry Friends Auction, 6715 NE 63rd Street, Suite 450, Vancouver, WA 98661

What's Happening at the Auction?

Costume Contest

Star Wars storm trooper petting a cat

We will have a fabulous prize for the person that wins the costume contest at the Star Paws Dinner & Auction. Though costumes are not required, they sure add to the fun for the evening. So be looking for your best Star Wars themed costume.

To set the mood, the Cloud City Garrison, one chapter of a Star Wars Imperial costuming club, will be there in full regalia and will be available for photos. To learn more about them, please visit

Wine Grab at the Auction

The Star Paws Auction will have a table with 50 bottles of wrapped wine or beer growlers. You will be able to purchase a bottle/growler for $20, but you will not know what you have bought until after you purchase the bottle. The lowest-valued bottle will be $15, but most bottles/growlers will be worth more than $20 and as high as $60.

Raffle Tickets

Star Paws 2019 Raffle Tickets

We will have three highly desired items for the raffle drawing at the auction. Raffle tickets will sell one for $10.00 or three for $25.00. We have not decided what the prizes will be yet. We will announce it as it gets closer to the auction.

Auction Video

Michael Morris of Fibre Creative has been working on a video that will be shown at the auction. It will feature our 10 Cowlitz Kittens that were rescued from a hoarding situation. This is a tremendous story about what Furry Friends is all about. These babies were on death’s door. The amount of work that had to be done to save them was incredible. Foster mom Dena Hugh had the overwhelming job of being their caretaker for around eight months. She spent about 20 hours a week dedicated to them. She wasn’t the only one. Our volunteer medical staff had their hands full and all the babies had trips to the vet. We spent about $15,000 just on these kittens.

All but one kitten survived and they are now in their happy-ever-after homes. This will be a video that you won’t want to miss.

Heads or Tails Game at the Auction

Star Paws 2019 Auction Heads or Tails Game Flyer

This is a popular game played at the auction. Guests purchase necklaces (one necklace for $5 or five necklaces for $20) to participate. The game is held right before dinner and conducted by the auctioneer. The auctioneer will ask everyone that is playing to stand. Guests will be asked to predict the result of the auctioneer’s coin toss and to indicate their prediction by physically placing their hands either on their own ‘head’ or ‘tail.' All choices are final. Once the auctioneer tosses the coin and reveals the result, all those having chosen incorrectly have to remove one necklace. If they are out of necklaces they must sit down and are out of the game. Participants remaining will be asked to predict the outcome for the next coin toss and this continues until only one participant remains standing and is announced the winner and wins a fabulous gift basket.

Complimentary Photos at the auction

The Star Wars Auction on September 14th will have a complimentary photo booth. Professional photographer Michael Schultz of Schultz Photography will be donating his services. Photos will be emailed to you and posted in an album on our Facebook page after the auction.

Thank you to our donors!

THANK YOU donation graphic with text on it

Our supporters rock! You have already supplied us with many of the items for our live auction and silent auction. The goodness has been overwhelming. You are people that love animals and want to make a difference in the lives of the cats and kittens that we rescue.

The Auction Committee

The planning for this auction goes on all year long. It takes many volunteers to make this auction a success. Lots of hours procuring the items, planning all the details, coming up with new ideas, creating the graphics, promoting the event, preparing the save the date and invitation mailings, meetings and so much more. All of this is done with volunteer effort. Our annual auction provides a lot of the funds that we need to keep Furry Friends going. Our ultimate goal is to help even more kitties. We would like to thank Lisa Baxter for being our Procurement Lead for many years and Diane Stevens who has been the Auction Lead, Promotions and Marketing Director for four years so far.Thank you to our donors

Want to Help in our 2020 Silent Auction? WE need an Auction Project Manager!

Blackboard sign that says "auction project manager"

We are looking for someone who can lead or co-lead next year’s auction. Have you worked on auctions before? Are you an organized individual and have experience with managing projects? Then you may be a good candidate for the Auction Project Manager for the 2020 auction. The auction is now a well-oiled machine and comes with hand holding by Diane Stevens every step of the way. No need to reinvent the wheel, we have it all figured out. Step up this year and work with Diane to see what is all is needed for this position. Email Diane at if you are interested in knowing more.