Furry Friends Fur-Ever: Max, Murphy and Deanne Edwards

Max and Murphy on the floor looking at the camera

Max and Murphy laying on the couch together“I got my two ‘boys’ in the spring of 2018,” Deanne explains. “Max, formerly called Moose, and Murphy, formerly called Midget, are a pair of sweet 7-year-old brothers.

“Max loves being held, petted and loved on, while Murphy follows me everywhere I go, sleeps with me, and loves being a lap cat. If I’m on the couch, they both sleep on me.

“I’ve had cats and dogs my entire life. But when my husband passed away, followed by my beloved Akita, I decided it was back to cats for me! They’re wonderful company and great distractions. When it comes to playtime, Max has his mouse on a string, Murphy has his toys – which he sometimes brings over to me – and they both LOVE chasing the laser beam.

“In all honesty, it took no time at all for the three of us to fit in together. They’re my boys, my kids.

“Thank you so much, Furry Friends, for all you do and for how deeply you care. It was totally worth the wait.

“Kisses and purrs from Deanne, Max and Murphy Edwards.”

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Diane Stevens