Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Abbey Rose and Myrna

Abby Gail_DS_0372

Meow about a match made in kitty cat heaven!

“Abbey Rose fits like an expensive glove,” says Myrna, “settling in from day one. And although she’s not my first kitty (16-year-old Gracie recently passed from complications due to diabetes), she’s right on top with the best of them.”

!cid__1_Losing Gracie after so many wonderful and loving years left a vacant space in Myrna’s heart, and she chose Abbey because of the instant love connection between them. As a widow “poking 80 with a short stick, having a ‘toddler’ kitty is great since it keeps me on my toes. Plus I have plenty of time to spoil her rotten.”

The admitted light of Myrna’s life, 12.8 pound Abbey Rose, thought to be a Dilute Calico may, in fact, have some Maine Coon in her genes. She has “huge thumper paws, absolutely beautiful markings, and a huge fluffy tail that can cause a breeze with a single swish! She’s also very nosy and can’t bear not ‘being in the know.’

“Because her favorite pastime is eating,” admits Myrna, “I have to pace her to keep her from getting too fat. But the expression ‘fat and sassy’ describes Abbey Rose to a T. Laid back and easygoing, she sleeps on a dining room chair during the day. Then, when the mood strikes, she’s up and chasing her ping pong balls and her toy balls with the bells inside. Needless to say, they’re all over the condo.”

Within two minutes of Myrna getting into bed at the end of the day to read, guess who’s quick to join her? And when she finally turns out the light, Abbey Rose curls up next to her and spends the night.

“My children refer to Abbey Rose as the Little Princess,” Myrna says, “and she truly lives up to the title. I love her and I love Furry Friends.”

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Diane Stevens