Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Allie and Ada Feris

Allie sitting before a window

Ada holding AllieFor Ada, a house without a cat is simply not a home.

Having filled her life with feline love and companionship for 30 years, and having lost her last two kitties last year, Ada was lonely and her house was empty. And so, as she had before, she turned to our web site in search of her next loving furry friend.

“I knew that I wanted an older cat because it’s harder for them to find homes,” Ada explains. “And when I saw Allie, she looked as if she needed me as much as I needed her. She also looked as if she had been round the bend and back. If only she could talk, what tales she could tell.”

“Even after several months, we’re still learning about one another. And what an adventure it’s been! Her favorite activity is slipping into the drawers in the bathroom, taking out my hair bands and playing ‘I killed the hair band.’ In fact, there are hair bands all over my house.

“During the day, she stretches out on the back of the sofa and looks out the window to watch the birds. Then, once her curiosity’s been satisfied, she’ll come over and cuddle with me – whether I’m on the phone or on the computer. She also LOVES having her head rubbed, and more often than not, she’ll fall asleep.

“To say Allie and Ada are one happy little home would be an understatement. But it’s oh so true.”

Allie standing on the shelf, tilting her head

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Diane Stevens