Bean is a special cat. He was one of ten kittens rescued from a hoarding situation in Cowlitz County,WA. He was one of the smallest kittens, infested with all sorts of parasites, infection and disease. He was near death. Yet after eight months of constant care he emerged healthy, happy and full of energy. He was the first of the Cowlitz Kittens to be adopted. See what his new family has to say about him.

“Bean is my daughter’s cat – and her first,” explains Cherri. “My husband and I both grew up with cats.

“We chose him because he let my daughter snuggle him when we visited the kittens at Dena’s house, and we decided to keep his name because it fits him: he’s truly a little bean.

“His adjustment to living with us was immediate. We restricted him to one room but he would cry because he wanted to get out and explore his new surroundings from the very beginning.

“He’s very sweet and he’s been a great addition to our family. I’ve even been surprised by how much our son likes him. He’s always been pretty ambivalent about our yellow Lab, Luke, but he really likes playing with Bean. Bean and Luke, on the other hand, may play with each other once in a while but most days they keep their distance and do their own thing.

“Bean loves Mylar balls. We call them crunchy balls because of the noise they make. He comes running when he hears the crunching sound. He loves feather-on-a-stick toys and his little tunnel, and ‘trampling’ through the house. For a little cat, he certainly makes a lot of noise running around.

“He really enjoys being petted and cuddled. He’s so easygoing. The kids pick him up and carry him around and he just goes with it.

“He sleeps in my daughter’s room, but since he sometimes snores and keeps her up, he gets moved to his little house in the living room.

“We all adore our little Bean. He’s a lot of fun and he’s brought more fun to our home.”


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