Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Bella and the Radcliffes

When Robert and Nancy brought their latest cat home – this one from Furry Friends — they changed her name from Beverly to Bella.

“We chose her because she was very active and very playful,” says Robert, “and we were pleased that her adjustment to living with us was immediate.

“She’s brought great enjoyment into our lives, and being a high maintenance kitty, never runs out of energy or the need to be entertained. She loves playing with and chasing after toys, engaging in all kinds of games, and especially enjoys running through her tunnel toy.

“As a very talkative cat, she’s a great conversationalist, and can’t get enough of being petted and cuddled. Then, once she’s finally tired herself out enough to sleep, she has a choice of sleeping in our bed, her bed, or any place that tickles her fancy.”

Posted in Adoption Stories.

Diane Stevens