“I’m so grateful for Furry Friends,” Aurora says. “I had cats growing up but never on my own, although I’d always wanted one.

“My boyfriend and I would go to pet stores to see what kitties were up for adoption with the intention of eventually getting one. Then we saw Pinot and Phoenix, the cutest brothers ever. (We renamed them Belz and Baph). I’d always loved black cats and seeing these two black kitties with their gorgeous eyes pulled at my heartstrings.

“We didn’t get to interact with them that first time, so we rushed back to the store the next time Furry Friends was there in the hopes that we could meet them. Luckily for us they were still there! It was love at first sight for sure. The moment they came out of their cage, one was so snuggly and climbed right on my lap. The other one was giving kisses to my boyfriend. We filled out the adoption form immediately. I knew that bonded pairs have a harder time getting adopted and we’d always wanted multiple cats so these brothers were no challenge at all.

“They were slightly skittish at first, staying mostly in our room, but then they adjusted nicely. Since it’s only my boyfriend and me, they not only rule the house but they have each other to play with. They love running up and down the stairs, chasing the laser pointer and using their scratching post. They’re both very cuddly and like being petted — especially Belz who’s most definitely a lap cat. They make me so happy and they always run to the door to greet us when we come home.

“At night, they either sleep under our nightstands or on the bed with us. Lucky, lucky us.”

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