Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Bumble and Charlie and Christy Martin

“Bumble and Charlie, two of the Cowlitz kittens, are my ninth and tenth cats,” Christy explains.

“I chose Bumble because of his coloration and inquisitive face, and he transitioned very easily to living with me. Nothing phases him. Charlie, on the other hand, hid for two days before venturing out from under the bed. He’s still tentative especially if we have company. But when it’s just the three of us, he wanders around and plays throughout the house.

“The fur babies keep me company and give me a chuckle or two when we play with toys in the evenings. Their favorite toys include a flexible stick with feathers at the end of a long string, ping pong balls, and balls with bells. Bumble loves paper, plastic spoons, boxes, pens, nail clippers, and anything else he can find. I still haven’t found my toothpaste lid!

“Neither kitty likes to snuggle just yet. But once in awhile they’ll sit beside me for pets, and they sleep at the foot of my bed with me.”

Posted in Adoption Stories.

Diane Stevens