Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Calvin, Danielle and Jake

Jake, Danielle, and Calvin

Calvin sitting atop his cat tower, holding a toy“As an exchange student living in Santiago, Chile,” Danielle recounts, “I was having an especially stressful day when a stunning, very fluffy gray cat sat on my lap and comforted me for an hour. The cat made such an impression on me that I was convinced I had to have a fluffy gray cat.”

Cue the entrance of Calvin (formerly Haunce). While viewing some of our kittens at the Furry Friends Adoption Center at PetSmart, Danielle and her boyfriend Jake were instantly smitten by the only one standing up and looking at them. After asking if they could hold him, Haunce promptly fell asleep in Jake’s lap while Danielle shopped for kitten supplies. One hour later, he was still sleeping soundly, and their decision was made. Calvin (named after Calvin from the syndicated Calvin and Hobbes comic strip) was theirs.

Calvin siting in a cat bedBut, sadly, a month after his adoption, the curious kitten knocked over the vacuum cleaner and sustained a small fracture in his leg, confining him to a cast for six weeks. No sooner had he healed, however, than he resumed running and playing throughout Jake and Danielle’s entire apartment.

“Calvin’s very vocal, making us laugh every day with his hilarious sounds,” says Danielle. “He makes ‘bird’ noises to the bugs and birds outside our windows – something I’ve never heard a cat do before. He’s also very affectionate and very, very cuddly. He likes to ‘make biscuits’ by kneading us and will sometimes reach out gently to pet our faces. When we moved to Portland, I started working from home, and since I’m alone all day, having my little furry friend here for company makes all the difference in the world.

“In spite of providing him with plenty of pussycat toys, his favorite ‘toys’ seem to be things he finds around the place, including toilet paper tubes, pens, and ponytail holders. As a rule, he’s fairly relaxed, but twice a day, he gets a case of the ‘kitten crazies’, during which he sprints all over the apartment, jumping on everything and ‘attacking’ anything in his path.

“AND true to his foster mom’s warning, he has a foot fetish! He’s very interested in feet and loves to attack and to bite them! As much as we would enjoy having him sleep in our room, he has a tendency to hide under the bed until we fall asleep, then leap up onto the bed and attack our feet. So, unless or until that changes, our mischievous little muncher will continue to sleep in his kitty condo in the living room.”

Oh Calvin … really?

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Diane Stevens