Chester and Cosmo were two kittens that were rescued from a hoarding situation in Cowlitz County, WA. They were infested with parasites, infections and disease and were near death. It took eight months of love, care and medical attention to get them to a place where they were healthy enough to be adopted. They are now living the good life. See what their new dad has to say about them.

“Chester and Cosmo are our fifth kitties,” explains Aron. “My partner, Joey, converted me from a non-cat person to a ‘marginally obsessed’ cat person early on in our relationship.

“In 2018, we lost both of our cats due to health reasons. One was very sudden and unexpected while one wasn’t that surprising. We took some time to heal, and as we began discussing the possibility of getting new cats, we decided we definitely wanted two because they’re better in pairs.

“As a Furry Friends volunteer, I was exposed to the Cowlitz Kittens a lot — especially on social media. I saw Chester and Cosmo in photos and thought they were both SUPER cute! I didn’t know if anyone else would adopt two cats together but they seemed like the perfect cats for us. I was sold before I even met them. Seeing them simply sealed the deal, and I brought them home the same day.

“Since they had been called Chester and Cosmo for a year, I thought they should keep their names rather than change them. Also, it was cute that their names sounded so similar because they’re so close to one another.

“Their adjustment to living with us has been pretty gradual: they are both a little on the shy side. While Cosmo is pretty well adjusted now, Chester is working his way out of his shell a little more each day.

“Because they’re so young and so full of energy, they need a lot of attention when they’re awake, and as we have no other pets, they pretty much rule the roost! They’re both quite different in regard to games. Cosmo’s favorite thing is a little white mouse (he disregards the identical gray one), playing with it all by himself, flipping it around and rolling and tumbling after it for long periods at a time. Chester needs more interaction to play, and his favorite things are playing with the wrong end of a wand toy and chasing a leather shoe string around when we drag it along the floor. They also play a very vigorous game of ‘chase’ with each other at least once a day. It could be at 5 PM or it could be at 3 AM. It’s always a surprise!

“They both like being petted and cuddled. While Chester can be a bit of a loner at times, he’s snuggly at others, especially in the morning. Cosmo is much more affectionate and likes to roll over and have his fluffy belly rubbed.

“Cosmo is super talkative and has a funny, raspy meow. I can’t even figure out what he’s meowing at half the time. Chester is really into TV and often lies on the floor either watching the show that’s on or the game I’m playing. Sometimes he likes to get up right next to the TV so he can be more immersed in the action.

“They usually sleep on the couch and visit the bed a few times a night. Chester lies by my feet, but when Cosmo joins us it’s probably because he’s suffering from some serious ‘snuggle withdrawal.’”

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