Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Cinder and the Huttulas

“Thank you so much for giving us this amazing lifelong friend!”

The words are Lauren’s, and her family’s lifelong friend is Cinder, formerly known as Tiger Lilly, who recently joined them and their rag doll mix kitten, Athena, known for her coat of “marvelously swirled colors.”

“We chose Cinder, not only because she was the same age as Athena, but because she was incredibly beautiful and looked so very sweet,” says Lauren. “She warmed up to us within a day and has been an amazing companion and best friend ever since. She always knows how to make me smile even on the rainiest of days.

“She’s extremely active and energetic and is always on the go. She adores playtime! She’ll chase balls back and forth and attack the feather bell toys that we use with her. She also loves playing with Athena, who’s now her best friend. In fact, they’ve become quite bonded. They love to cuddle together in the same cat bed and look out the window together.

“Calling Cinder ‘affectionate’ would be an understatement. She’s the ultimate lap cat and cuddle bug, and she’s certainly not shy about showing you precisely when and where she wants to be petted. She could spend all day being petted and sitting on your lap … until she’s up and moving again.

“Her favorite treat is freeze-dried chicken, and her favorite time of day is definitely meal time. She makes the funniest, most excited meow whenever she sees us holding her food plate, and is so consistent in her meows and chirps that you know exactly what she wants by the noises she makes.”

As for cuddling, chirping Cinder’s sleeping arrangements? This lucky kitty has a variety of choices: “at the foot of our bed, in the 72″ cat tower or in the various cat beds spread around the house.”

Now this merits many meows and chirps!

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Diane Stevens