Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Daisy and the Chapmans

Julia and Daisy together

When the Chapman family decided it was time to adopt a kitten, they discovered us, as many do, though paws-itive word of mouth.

“Our daughter’s friend Hannah has donated her birthday money to Furry Friends,” Kris Chapman explains, “and thanks to her, we began viewing photos of newborns on your Face Book page. What an exciting day it was to visit foster mom, Diane, who was so welcoming and so helpful, giving us ample time to get to know our chosen kitty. Although she had a different name, on the drive home my daughter and Hannah changed it from Alina to Daisy. Since she was so pretty and delicate, we all felt that she should be named after a flower.

“Because Daisy was so little, we kept her in a small room for a week and visited her there until she grew more comfortable with us. Now she loves our big house and makes it her home by racing from one end to the other. She also loves chasing her toys and the laser light, and especially loves boxes she can hide in.

Young girl holding Daisy in her lap“At her most comfortable knowing she has numerous hiding spots everywhere, she’s even found a place under my daughter’s bed to camp out when strangers are here or if she simply wants to nap.”

Despite her youth and her size, Daisy, sly puss that she is, knows how to rule the roost – at least where the family’s 10-year-old Greyhound, Tula, is concerned. Not only does she steal the large dog’s large bed, but she actually seems to be laughing while poor, tormented Tula whines in indignation. The sight of Tula trying to lie down beside her is truly remarkable, and Kris has some comical photos of the “sort of” friends to prove it.

“Daisy loves being petted, but she’s the one who picks the times she wants to lie on my lap, usually in the evening,” says Kris. “The rest of the time she rubs against us as we walk around or ‘talks’ to us by meowing. And if she doesn’t know where we are, she meows quite loudly to get our attention.

Closeup of Daisy“Her designated ‘room’ is the downstairs bathroom. If anyone goes in and closes the door, it’s not long before her little paws appear under it and she’s scratching to be let inside. This is her room, you see, and she wants to be there when we’re there. She’s also gotten into the habit of jumping up on the sink and waiting until we drip the water so that she can play in it.

“We love our Daisy so much. She brings laughter and smiles to all of us even on the hardest days. And cuddling with a kitty, especially one like her, makes life that much better.”

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Diane Stevens