Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Dakota and Rebecca Rowney

Lily peering over the top of a couch

Lily sitting on the table, licking her mouth“I have one other kitty,” says Rebecca, “but when I met Dakota, who was then known as Lilly, I decided to expand our little cat family.

“I loved her personality and the fact that she’s super cute! Her adjustment to living here was gradual because she had to get used to my other kitty. That said, she had adjusted completely within a week, and the two of them are now the best of furry friends.

“Dakota’s brought nothing but happiness and snuggles to my life because she LOVES being petted and cuddled. She’s a delightful combination of energetic and easygoing, and hasn’t met a small mouse-type toy she didn’t like. She especially likes anything that jingles, and enjoys both playing fetch and playing with her cat jungle gym.

Lily laying on the bed, paws out“One of her cutest quirks is lying upside down! She’s extremely social for a cat and seems to have no sense of personal space. She also likes to put her paw on my face when we’re cuddling.”

As for Dakota’s pur-ferred place to sleep?

“Mostly with me in my bed,” Rebecca answers, “but sometimes curled up in blankets on the couch or in her kitty bed near the window.”

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Diane Stevens