Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Dewie and Keri Scherbring

As often happens, the kitty you ultimately choose is not the one who originally caught your eye. So it was with first time cat adopter Keri. After visiting us with a specific cat in mind, she was smitten instead by a bold little beauty named Eclipse who came right up to her and sat under her legs.

“Lying in bed that first night with my newly named Dewie purring away on the pillow next to my head, I knew he was home,” Keri says. “Although building a true relationship with him took time, he was pretty relaxed from the start. By now I feel he’s learned to tell me what he needs, while I’ve learned his preferences and feelings, and that’s what makes our relationship so special.

“He literally runs – like a doggy would – to the door every time I come home. I love being greeted this way and knowing I have my kitty around to make life more bearable and much more fun. I simply couldn’t imagine NOT having him here.”

Highly active and energetic, Dewie’s obsessed with catnip and divides his time between looking out the window, playing with shoes (a true feline footwear fetishist), following laser pointers, and playing with little stuffed mice toys that he throws around himself, then chases.

“He’s super smart and has figured out how things like the window blinds work,” continues Keri. “For this reason I feel puzzle toys are important to keep him mentally stimulated and prevent him from getting bored. In fact, he could easily play for FIVE hours and not be tired of it!”

An independent mister who doesn’t like being restrained in any way, allow Dewie to come to you on his terms and he’ll cuddle with you. He does, however, enjoy attention and pets, even following Keri around and rubbing his head on her leg.

“Not only is he obsessed with shoes, he’s also obsessed with feet. He’ll actually sleep with his head in our shoes and will happily lick my feet for no apparent reason. Most nights, he’ll fall asleep on his back with his paws curled up by my feet or my stomach. What I love most though is when he falls asleep on my chest and purr, purr, purrs.”

Could anything be more purr-fect than that?


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Diane Stevens