“My husband Dan and I have had 10 cats in the last 25 years,” explains Cindy, “and each one has taught me something about cats’ health and personalities.

“We had lost Henry, the most loving kitty ever, a month before adopting Dragon and Tobias. Henry was my failed attempt at fostering for Furry Friends. I tried not getting attached, but I was going through a tough time after losing my friend Connie (the best FF volunteer and workout buddy), and each time I got sad, Henry would come and lie on my chest and pat my face, like ‘it’s okay, mommy.’ If I said, ‘let’s go have snuggles’, he would follow me to the bedroom, hop up on the bed, wait until I lay down, then he would get comfy. Once I fell asleep, he would leave. He was a total love.

“Sadly, he got MegaColon. The only option was surgery, a long recuperation and no guarantee that wouldn’t recur. After working with several vets, we decided to say goodbye. I was heartbroken losing this little ray of love and light, but after sobbing my way through a month, I told Dan that I wanted to adopt two kittens. He agreed and in October 2018, Dragon (originally named Scout) and Tobias entered our lives and started healing my heart. While I still missed Henry’s comfort and snuggling, these two made me laugh.

“When I met Dragon at Petsmart, he was buried in his bed and all I could see were his eyes. I’d always wanted a black cat and I just loved his little face.When I met him again at his foster home and saw how nervous he was, I knew I could bring him out of his shell especially if I adopted another kitten.

“Enter Tobias (I have a weakness for gray cats, and having had several, I wanted another one). The last of his litter to be adopted, he had wonderful foster parents who told me that all of them were high-energy kittens. And they were right! I met him at the Halfway House and watched him play his heart out. I was sold.

“When I brought him into my office at home, he promptly sniffed every corner of the room, and within 20 minutes, went to the door as if to say ‘What else ya’ got?’ I decided then to introduce him to Dragon, and from the moment they met, they were buddies. Dragon would watch Tobias and do what he did. It’s been awesome to see them grow together.

“In the mornings, the kittens chase after the laser pointer with Dan, then Tobias, who’s clearly Dan’s buddy, runs through the house and gets pets from him. Both kittens love playing with toys that make noise, rings with balls attached to them, cat trees and their catio. And although neither kitty particularly enjoys cuddling, they both love being petted. Tobias even does some ‘dog things’. He’ll spin in a circle, lie down, spin a bit more and then move around until he’s comfy with his feet on my pillow.

“He’s utterly fearless and likes greeting visitors while Dragon, who’s more cautious with new people, will eventually come out to investigate. He also likes to do what I call a ‘drive-by kitty hug.’ I can be standing there and suddenly he’s slammed up against me rubbing. Dragon sleeps at the foot of the bed on my side most of the time. Tobias sleeps in a kitty bed until morning then crawls into bed with me.

“I’m thankful to Furry Friends for providing me with the cats I’ve loved and love dearly. I’ve also met so many wonderful cat people through this organization. In our crazy world, it’s nice to know people take care of the furry beasts.”


Furry Friends Fur-Ever Stories are compiled and written by Nomi Berger who is the bestselling author of seven novels, one work of non-fiction, two volumes of poetry, and hundreds of articles. She is a volunteer writer for Furry Friends in Vancouver, WA and also volunteers her writing skills to animal rescue groups in Canada and the USA. She lives with her adopted Maltese named Mini.

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