Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Eloise and the Coshows

Eloise licking her nose

Eloise looking over the cat towerEloise may not be Sarah Coshow’s first furry friend, but she’s most assuredly first in her heart right now.

“My son researched the web site to find the best fit for our family,” says Sarah, “and that was Eloise. She’s cute, funny and playful, and NOT afraid of dogs. As a matter of fact, one of her favorite activities is pouncing on our dog!

“Being a high-energy kitty, she provides us with our own form of family entertainment –from racing to the door to greet us when we get home to playing with her many cat toys. She loves ALL toys, especially bouncy balls, and loves playing with the laser light and cat toys on a string.”

Eloise laying in bed, arm outstretchedBut energetic Eloise has an easygoing side as well, whether it’s simply looking out the window or watching the guinea pig inside her cage. Although she enjoys being in the same room as the family, she has a slightly independent streak and doesn’t like being picked up or held.

“She is, however, VERY affectionate,” Sarah admits, “as long as she initiates it. She’s very soft to pet, and revels in rolling around on her back to show off her fluffy belly. She’s also quite the character! She loves to be active in the early morning, and will actually wake us up if she’s hungry. If her bowl isn’t filled, she’ll bite and scratch at the bag of food to feed herself. And when I’m cooking, she’ll plop herself down in the middle of the kitchen, forcing me to step over her.”

Eloise looking upBut would Sarah change a hair on her happy-go-lucky kitty cat’s head?

Not likely.

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Diane Stevens