Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Freya and the Rowes

Freya peaking out of a cat tower tunnel

Freya chilling on the couch“Freya, formerly Sapphire, is the second kitty we’ve adopted from Furry Friends,” explains Crystal Rowe.

“I help out there on Friday mornings, and while I was cleaning her box in the med room, she climbed into my arms and started to purr. My heart was gone! I later posted a photo with her on Face Book just as I do with a new kitty every Friday, and my mom told me that Sapphire just had to be in the family.

Freya and a black cat eating wet food side-by-side“The following day, I put in an application to adopt her. And before you knew it, she was mine! Her adjustment to living with us was gradual. She not only had a new home to get used to, but another cat and two bunnies. At first, she didn’t seem all that pleased – particularly with our cat, Persephone (Honey). Now they work as a team. Not only do they love frisking about together, but they also like walking around me until I get the message and feed them their wet food. It really is SO cute. It’s also nice to come home and have two cats waiting at the door eager to show you how happy they are to see you.

“Freya’s added so much to our family. She’s always happy and always easygoing, always loving and always playful. She absolutely adores this little toy she found. It’s shaped like a mouse and has a feather on it. She’ll drop it at my feet and run after it as I toss it, and back and forth we’ll go in a great game of fetch. She LOVES that.

“She has a slight, independent streak and isn’t one for being held too much, but she does love to be petted and combed, and she likes rolling over while we pet her. She also loves to be in the chair next to me while I work at my laptop, and she’ll fall asleep as I pet her. At night, she sleeps anywhere and everywhere – the choice is entirely hers.”

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Diane Stevens