Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Gracie and Diana Ruth

Gracie laying on a cardboard cat scratcher

As a “socializer” at our Furry Friends Halfway House, Diana Ruth soon found herself becoming the favorite focus of one particular feline. It was a Russian Blue named Little Britches, and during each of Diana’s visits, the curious cat would manage to make her winsome way onto her lap. She also made it purr-fectly clear that she disliked other cats directing their attention towards the woman she seemed to have claimed as her own.

Gracie sitting in a laundry basket“There are photos of all of the cats with their names posted in the main room,” Diana explains, “and someone had written ‘AKA Gracie’ under Little Britches’ photo. I myself thought it was a much better name for her.”

And so began a mutual admiration society built for two. Diana and Gracie – fur-ever.

“When I brought her home, I found that she didn’t EAT her dry food, she GUZZLED it! Since I’d never seen a cat guzzle before, I began feeding her three smaller meals a day instead of leaving out an entire bowl of food. One afternoon, Gracie began crying pitifully about being hungry, and I told her that dinner wasn’t for another two hours. I then went downstairs to do my laundry, and when I came back up, I found the leaves and earth from a houseplant spread all over the living room’s hardwood floor and the tiles of the kitchen. Talk about a kitty temper tantrum!”

Once, in an effort to distract Gracie from obsessing about food and her insistence on being fed despite what the clock said, Diana tried using a laser penlight. Much to her dismay, Gracie pounced twice, turned, looked disdainfully at her moving hand and snorted. Then she flounced back to her hideaway haven under the bed where her best stuffed friend, Bear, lay waiting to console her – in spite of the fact that Bear’s customary home is on top of the couch.

“Gracie is just over three years old, overweight just like me,” Diana concludes, “and she sadly lost her first home because of her guardian’s illness. Despite not being able to eat all day, Gracie is VERY happy. She loves to play with new toys (boxes are especially fun), and sleep on my abdomen while I lie on the couch reading. She also enjoys sitting on me while I meditate sitting up. To put it plainly, we’re good together.”

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Diane Stevens