Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Gunny and the Meltons

Gunny sitting on the table

There’s nothing as fine as a feline fairytale about love at first sight. So it was for Teresa Melton when she first set eyes on a photo of Gunny (formerly Gumby) at the Furry Friends Adoption Center at PetSmart in December 2015.

“We had decided to adopt a younger companion for Capone, our older, mellow Tuxedo, and Gunny fit the bill,” says Teresa. “He’s very active, very independent, and VERY curious! He loves any type of bag, box and Christmas wrap, and always goes through the grocery bags to see what we’ve brought home.”

It may have taken this mischievous meow-meow several months to find his feline groove, but once he did, he took over the house, racing through it at high speed as soon as the sun rises.

“He makes us laugh every day with his high energy, playfulness and naughtiness. And since he’s so active, he could never be called a lap cat. He may not need much affection, but he lets us know when he wants some by stretching, then flopping down in front of us.

Gunny sleeping on the couch“He enjoys napping in the window and sleeps at the foot of our bed every night next to his brother. As soon as my husband, Steve, comes home from work, Gunny wakes up from his nap and follows him through the house demanding his attention. He’s VERY attached to my husband.”

And he’s also attached to his toys, including the Friskies fish game on Teresa’s tablet, a mouse with large feather ears, and a feather wand. Not to mention treating Capone like a toy, “terrorizing him” whenever his brother allows it.

“On Saturdays, when I change the sheets, he loves lying in the middle of the bed so that I have to keep moving and pulling him out of the way to get the task done – much to his amusement, of course. He also loves when I change the litter boxes. He wants to be right in the middle of that as well.”

The family has learned – through experience — to keep all bags of food and kitty litter safely out of his reach because if he gets bored he’ll chew holes in them.

Is it any wonder then, that Teresa sums gregarious and goofy Gunny up by saying,

“We absolutely adore him.”

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Diane Stevens